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Wolf Moon:
A Coven of Wild Magick

Quote: Aldo Leopold, Sand County Almanac


Wolf Moon began as a specifically ecologically focussed, activist coven, but has broadened our focus over the years so that while activist magic is still a part of what we do, it's not our entire identity. We try to to maintain a balance between activist work, spiritual/magical development, and emotional support/healing. We also try to balance "heavy" rituals with fun ones and have a healthy appreciation for the trickster archetype.

We don't define ourselves as strictly traditional or eclectic; we feel that a healthy tree needs both roots and branches. Our own roots lie in the Odyssean tradition of Wicca, but we've also branched out into a variety of other directions ranging from deep ecology to chaos magic to R.J. Stewart's Underworld radition to spiritual therianthropy. We have a fairly high proportion of gay or bisexual members and try to avoid the more heterocentric aspects of Wiccan ritual.

Through the process of fighting what often seem like hopeless environmental battles and dealing with the ensuing depression, among other things, we've also developed a keen awareness of the darker aspects of life, and try to confront these things honestly and directly. So while we may be eco-freaks, we're not your average "heal the earth" fluffy bunnies. We can often be fairly cynical and irreverent, and have a quirky and sometimes dark sense of humour which not everyone will appreciate. Some of us lean a little toward the gothic side in our musical tastes and/or personal style.

We've been meeting regularly for over 15 years now, though many members have come and gone during that time. Right now we're at a bit of a low membership ebb due to several members moving away for work- or school-related reasons. Check out our spiffy questionnaire for potential new members if you think you might be interested. Note: when reading the questionnaire, and possibly other parts of our site as well, we recommend not drinking any liquids you would not want coming out your nose.

Please note: this site is way, WAY overdue to be updated and redesigned, and to have more substantial content added to some areas. Life keeps getting in the way of that, but we'll try and get around to it sometime soon.


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